With talks regarding working conditions and salaries for developers having ramped up over the past while, you’d expect to see most larger companies taking a stance against it and it appears that most have. Take-Two though, who has come under flak in the past for these issues, seems to believe otherwise. The details come from a report of GameIndustry.biz speaking to Take-Two’s CEO Strauss Zelnick.

In the report, the interviewer and Zelnick spoke on several different topics such as release planning and next-gen. Among those topics was the idea of game developers creating a union, which Strauss said was “hard to imagine”. From there he stated that game developers earn an average of $100,000 which makes it hard to give justification to.

While to an extent he is right, as that’s a better salary than a lot of people in the world, it seems not only a little off but also doesn’t make a lot of sense. Game designers themselves earn roughly $60k which is great, but not for where a lot of these developers are actually based. Places like San Francisco are known for having insane housing rates, so that large amount of money doesn’t actually cut it as well as one might think.

It’s quite sad to see the CEO turn a blind eye to a sad reality of the gaming industry. Hopefully conditions and salaries can eventually improve over at Take-Two, let alone the entire industry.

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