Indie developer, Bowlcut Studios, today announced that MageQuit, their top-down area wizard brawler, will exit Steam Early Access and launch for Windows PC and Xbox One this fall. MageQuit sees up to 10 players take the stage to battle it out wizard style. With up to seven spells at their disposal and physics as their primary ally, players must find out if they have what it takes to control the elements, land a perfect game-ending blow, or else forever be cursed.

As a wizard, players are granted the enchanted glowing D20 staff, empowering them with unique elemental spells used to battle against opponents. Matches can be played with two teams, three teams, or as a free-for-all every mage for themselves brawl. Team games, however, present unique opportunities for success, such as pushing the enemy team off a cliff or a classic game of wizard hockey with the highest stakes! 

Check out the announcement trailer below!

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