• Developer – Interactive Stone
  • Publisher – Interactive Stone
  • Platforms – Nintendo Switch, PC
  • Release date – June 17th, 2019
  • Reviewed on – Nintendo Switch
  • Review code provided – Yes

Ahoy mate! Fire your cannons at all enemy ships! Sea King is a game all about controlling a pirate ship at sea. You control the ship and fire away with cannons on all four sides of the ship. There are a large variety of game modes available to try, from Deathmatch to Capture the Flag you will not get bored that easily. This is a fantastic party game, and with that being said let’s dive deep into this review.

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Gameplay / Modes

Sea King has a variety of ways to play, and almost all of them are extremely fun. The game itself offers 4 player co-op, and is fantastic for parties or gatherings with friends and family. There are 8 different colored ships in Sea King. Each of them look different, and each sort of cover a generation of pirates in a way. Below you can find the names of the 8 differently colored pirate ships.

  • Doomy
  • White Owl
  • Sea Horse
  • Ishtar
  • Anubis
  • Xibalba
  • Blue Mary
  • Dragon Flame

There are a ton of modes to try in Sea King! I have tried every single one of these and they are all fun. Here is a list of each of them below along with a description of it.

  • Deathmatch – First player to destroy 5 ships wins!
  • Last Ship Standing – Be the last one standing to win the round. Win 5 rounds to win the game.
  • Capture the Flag – Hold the flag for 20 seconds to win.
  • Fishing – Have the most fish when time expires.
  • Treasure Hunter – Collect all 5 bottled clues to win the game.
  • Shark Pong – Hit the shark to make him attack other players.
  • Pearls Collector – Take the pearl from the seashell and bring it to the port. Do this 3 times to win the game.
  • Seagull’s Nest – Grab the Seagull and stand still for 10 seconds to allow him to rest.
  • Siren’s Song – Destroy 5 ships while a siren charms your crewman. While she sings, you will be unable to control the ship.
  • Vortex Royale – Last ship standing in the eye of the vortex wins the round. Win 5 round to win the game.
  • Kraken Hugs – A kraken is slowly shrinking the area. Be the last ship standing to win the round. Win 5 rounds.
  • Catch The Flu – Avoid the flu. If you have the flu, give it to someone else. Be the last ship standing.

Personally, my favorite modes were Fishing, Kraken Hugs, and Vortex Royale. Fishing is extremely fun to play with others, as you have to try to keep the most amount of fish in you boat without getting hit by a cannonball. It requires some strategy to navigate away from cannonballs and enemy ships. In Kraken Hugs, a giant Kraken restricts the sea and you are forced closer and closer to the enemy ships. Votex Royale pulls everyone into a vortex directly in the middle of the sea. All of the modes are fun, I highly recommend trying them all at some point!

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UI / Feedback Feature

The UI in Sea King is fantastic. In game, next to your completion bar (how close you are to winning the game), there is a player indicator identical to the one on the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller and Joy-Con. The little details like these really make the game look fresh and clean, and it’s nice and easy to see your progress and pirate ship color while playing. The other thing I really find cool in this game is the feedback tab in the main menu. This allows you to communicate with Interactive Stone directly through the game. Pretty neat right? They also have an optional email slot in the Send Feedback tab, where you can receive an email back from Interactive Stone.

Final Thoughts

Sea King is a fantastic party game for when you have friends or family over. While it can be played by yourself and be fun, you will get more enjoyment out of playing with others. The only thing I wish they could add is the ability to play online with others. This is the perfect game to do so, and I would love to play with some of my friends online.


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