Many have been asking about how Gears 5 will be handling in-game content and if there will be a season pass. And if so, where are the details? At E3, minus the lack of gameplay shown during the show, the subject of future DLC content and the season pass were left out as well. But according to the official Gears 5 website, the question has finally been addressed.

In Gears 5, our goal is to create a player-first experience when it comes to in-game content, and it starts with this:

  • No Season Pass
  • No Gear Packs
  • DLC Maps are free for matchmaking and Private Play
  • Exclusive earnable content in the all-new Tour of Duty system
  • All store purchases direct, no RNG so you always know what you will get
  • We have many exciting new features for Gears 5 coming up that we’ll talk about in detail soon.
  • However, we felt it was important to let you know how we’re handling in-game content now rather than waiting until we talk about those features.

To learn more about how you’ll be earning content in Gears 5, check out all the details here

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