It appears that we finally know when the first testing of Halo: MCC (more specifically Reach) is going to begin. This news comes from a post created by 343 Community Team member Unyshek.

Within the post, they talked about how they detailed a ton of news at E3 including giving a touchup on the background art of Halo: MCC (as you can see above) and how each of the games would be priced at $10 (except for ODST campaign at $5). They also had Halo Reach, the first game playable in PC MCC, at their E3 booth.

When it comes to the public flight testing of Reach, it appears that next week the game will be receiving its first flight test to a small group of Halo Insiders. As we announced earlier this month that it would be coming soon, it’s wonderful to know that it’s set in stone provided that everything goes according to plan.

Halo: The Master Chief Collection on PC is planned to release over the course of 2019, releasing in staggered installments for each game.

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