FromSoftware confirms they have no more plans for PS VR, or VR in general, due to limiting hardware. When speaking with Destructoid at E3, the company mentioned that PS VR is quite limiting.

“It’s because when we did Déraciné, the hardware was actually a little more limiting than we expected. We couldn’t quite render and depict the things we wanted to using PSVR – just the hardware and the know-how we had at the time. So perhaps we’ll wait a little bit and see what happens with the PS5 or the next-gen hardware, and then see what sort of performance we can get from that, what we can render on that hardware, and then make a decision.

Masanori Takeuchi, FromSoftware producer

Sony Interactive Entertainment’s R&D division recently said PS VR 2 is incoming and it is stacked, although it won’t come at launch.

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