Astral Chain director, Takahisa Taura has publicly denied plans the game is to be the first entry in a trilogy.

Speaking with IGN Benelux this week, who reported that Taura claimed Astral Chain would become a trilogy if the first entry met their sales expectations. This seems to be a mistranslation from IGN Benelux however.

Clearing things up with IGN Japan, Takahisa Taura made the following statement on Twitter:
It is described in the article as “I’m making it as the first work of trilogy”, but there is no such fact. I just said in my mind that I think so much that I could develop more than trilogy or more. Is ‘ASTRAL CHAIN’ the first of a trilogy? There are no plans for additional content.

Launching on August 30th as a Switch exclusive, Astral Chain is the latest outing from Platinum Games.

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