Update: Multiple months later, and after Sony Interactive Entertainment enabled full Cross-Play, the game has yet to come.

Original Story: Thanks to the ESRB, we now officially know that Minecraft: Bedrock Edition is coming to PS4. The Microsoft IP which recently became the best selling video game of all time wasn’t going to feature PS4 as a Cross-Play platform since Sony was still working on stuff on that end.

For reference; Bedrock Edition is essentially what you get on phones. You still can use the Minecraft: PlayStation 4 Edition if you so please but most migrated over to the new edition on all platforms thanks to being able to play with anyone they want.

How this will work is unconfirmed however, since Sony Interactive Entertainment is beyond unlikely to let Xbox Live on their platforms. It might be a case of a Mojang ID system.

Release date is TBA.

Source: ESRB

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