The PlayStation Vita is one of, if not the greatest handheld of all time. However, it is old and has since died. Millions haven’t had the ability to play some of its must have titles due to the console only selling 15 million units and they’ve become hard to find. So, let’s talk about some games that should come over to PS4!

Persona 4 Golden

Developer/Publisher – Atlus

The star of the Persona franchise that essentially but this series on the map is a remake of the classic PS2 title that has been remixed in a sense. With the insane popularity of the series now thanks to PlayStation exclusive Persona 5, it might be a perfect time to introduce Persona 4 Golden to PS4 gamers that did not have a Vita at the time. The game adds a new character, Marie, alongside brand new personas, character outfits, expanded spoken lines, and so much more over the original. This is the highest rated game on the list, with an incredible 93 on Metacritic.

Oreshika: Tainted Bloodlines

Developer/Publisher – Alfa System/Sony Interactive Entertainment

The beautiful art style is just the start of this JRPG. The sequel to 1999’s Oreshika was released for 2015 on PS Vita and has become a cult classic ever since. Set 100 years after the PS1 original, you must fight a grand demon to fix your cursed bloodline.

Killzone: Mercenary

Developer/Publisher – Guerrilla Cambridge/Sony Interactive Entertainment

Arguably the best game in the series, Mercneary gives players insanely tight firefights and graphics on the scale of even Killzone 3, truly a masterpiece of a shooter for this dying platform.

Guerrilla Cambridge was unfortunately shut down in early 2017 after the release of RIGS: Mechanized Combat League, so Sony will likely have to enlist help from their friends at Bluepoint Games for this conversion.

Freedom Wars

Developer/Publisher – Japan Studio, Shift, Dimps/Sony Interactive Entertainment

A 4 vs 4 action title that is absolutely insane in terms of sword fighting, however you can just do co-op if wanted. Set in the not-so-distant future, the community of Panopticons go at it for the final lot of resources remain since the world has essentiality ended. A PS4 release would let this co-op actually live instead of continuing to let it die.

Soul Sacrifice Delta

Developer/Publisher – Japan Studio, Marvelous/Sony Interactive Entertainment

Action-RPG meets crazy ass enemies in a baren wasteland is the jist of this game and every moment is a thrill when facing your foes. Just imagine Monster Hunter cranked to 11 and you have Soul Sacrifice, Delta is the enhanced version of the game. You have a skillset that is meant to make you better, but it can be customized to make things run more smoothly.

Uncharted: Golden Abyss

Developer/Publisher – Bend Studio/Sony Interactive Entertainment

The beginning of Nathan Drake’s adventures are tied to this dated handheld. With a much younger Drake…. less older Sully, the dynamic duo’s early adventures are full of craziness. Burning buildings, shootouts for days, and a cast of new side characters make this game an interesting one. It was also gorgeous on PS Vita, I could only imagine a Nathan Drake Collection boost in quality plus 4K HDR.

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