Guerrilla Games, the developers behind the insanely beloved Killzone series and the brand new IP Horizon: Zero Dawn has been

Under the developer’s job listing page, there is 13 new positions (12 listed here) hiring for their next title, all posted 18 hours ago at the time of this article going live. While there are no words like “next generation”, it most likely won’t launch on PS4 this late in the generation.

The Dutch studio plans to nearly double in size and work on 2 games at once, each releasing 2-3 years apart from each other. This is absolutely a testimate to that, with an insane amount of new positions to easily move that number close to 400. Killzone is likely next from this studio, as a Dutch paper spilled the beans on a Killzone 5 right before Horizon: Zero Dawn’s launch. Plus the studio was hiring for someone to do matchmaking, so it probably isn’t Horizon.

Guerrilla Games was formed in 2000, previously known as Lost Boys Games. They releases Shellshock: Nam ’67 in 2004 for PS2, Xbox, and PC then Killzone later that year. Sony Interactive Entertainment acquired them in 2005. The studio released multiple Killzone titles since with a new IP Horizon: Zero Dawn being launched in 2017.

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