Warning: the following contains spoilers for the 2018 game Marvel’s Spider-Man. 

Sony Interactive Entertainment and Insomniac Games stunned the world when the announcement of Marvel’s Spider-Man came. Everyone was hyped that their friendly neighborhood super hero would be coming to the gaming world by one of the most beloved developers in gaming today. When it launched, it was met with insane, and I mean truly insane critical praise. However, what you hardly don’t see is people criticizing Spidey. The 2018 PlayStation exclusive does have some major flaws that we just can’t glance over because if we do, the sequel will not get these issues fixed since Insomniac will see nothing wrong with them. So, let’s take a dive in! 

Holy non-dynamic bosses, Batman! 

Throughout the entire game, shit was all over the place in terms of bosses. Each of them didn’t have enough variety, like, seriously with Mr. Negative in the train fight you just dodge strikes and then attack in the most tedious fasion. Also at the end with Doctor Octopus it was a game of “punch him 3 times, skip around while he tries to attack you, punch him 3 times, skip around while he tries to attack you” and it goes over the process multiple times before we see any progression. It’s just so boring and I fully understand this was Insomniac’s first outing, but this is what I mean. If we don’t address the sheer lack of diversity in the fights then we are just gonna get what we got here once again. 

Mary Jane and Miles Morales missions. 

Alright, alright. Before you murder me, listen for a second Brenda. I love the story from both ends as much as the next guy, believe me I do. What pushes my buttons though is this is a fast pace game. The entire MJ and Miles missions should’ve been replaced with just cinematics tied in with everything else since it doesn’t fit. It needs to keep the action-packed flow like the rest of the game. I know, I get it, it’s awesome to play as some of your favorite characters and hell, Miles becomes a “spider-man” at the end, but his gameplay should’ve been saved for the sequel. Insomniac, I’m looking at you dead in the fucking eye and telling you now, please for the love of all the Gods don’t make Miles have missions where he needs to be quiet and sneak around while Peter handles all the hard work, let him fight and keep the action going. As for MJ, there isn’t much for her to necessarily do. She is a complex situation since she doesn’t have powers and she isn’t really useful in combat so it’s best for her to just not be playable in the sequel. Throw in a new character, we’re in the Marvel universe, tie someone in. Daredevil is in the city, make him have special gameplay via perception based movement like the game Stiffled where you can’t see until there’s sound.

The open world. 

This point I will only talk about since the next game will likely be on PS5. I understand PS4 is limited in power, but it’s getting tiring of the same story over and over and over again with every open world title. “Let’s have an open world game where nearly everything can’t be interacted with!”. The enemy outposts around the map were just a lame process to endure. The next title needs a diverse amount of activities and things to interact with, the constant car chases happening around town is to fill the game but instead of say rope 2-3 people out and stop then car, why not be able to stop it with a web wall or make a roadblock with various items on the street. Just anything, absolutely anything then basically the norm. The Spider-Man games of yesteryear are clearly less open and do not have the same amount of interactivity due to power constraints, so the generational leap is there. Hopefully with the increase in hardware power with PS5, they can make things more dynamic and maybe even let us enter a lot of buildings whenever we want and things like that to truly take a step forward.

Peter’s combat. 

Ok, I will admit that I am starting to nitpick, butttttttt, even the smallest complaints are still complaints. Peter’s combat makes me wanna complain more than I’d though, since it just feels too simplistic. Take the combat of the Batman: Arkham series where Bruce has insane combos with satisfying combat, while Peter’s moves seem not as fluid and too bouncy. Sure, he’s a spider, but he doesn’t need the ability to jump around like a frog from guy A to guy B to guy A to guy C, you know. Batman can at least be seen jumping via the ground then to the enemy for combat movies but this is mainly air travel for Peter. Maybe I am going a little too far with this point, but it is not very complex and has to be heavily worked on for the next title.

I don’t want to make this seem like a rant, but in a sense it is. Someone needs to bring these issues to light, people need to start to collect their thought and be like “oh yeah, he’s got a point. Hey Insomniac, please change this” if we ever want the sequel to truly evolve into an incredible piece of art. They already did so much right like the story, the continuous flow of new suits, the fan service with Stan Lee among so many other glorious factors. The team is probably hard at work on a sequel, so we do not necessarily have time to play around. I hope you can agree with these points.

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