Apparently, we gotten more info on No More Heroes III for the Nintendo Switch as it states from @Nibellion on Twitter tweeting out the information from Suda51 on an article by Polygon. Pretty interesting to get some info on the series as it’s been quite for decades after being on the Nintendo Wii as the first game released in 2007 or late 2008, and a sequel in 2010.

As from the article on Polygon they discussed on how they gained some institutional knowledge from after making Travis Strikes Back

“One thing that he was really made to realize with TSA was that it is really important to listen what the fans want.” -Suda

Also they want to make for the fans of the series of what they weren’t even expecting

“It’s not that he’s going to be making this game based on just what the fans want, He’s obviously got his own vision of what the game is going to be like, what he wants it to be like, and when he says he wants to make the game for the fans, he doesn’t just want to make the game that they are expecting. The game that he wants to make is the kind of game that fans are expecting and the kind of game the fans want. He wants to not just […] answer those wishes and those requests. He wants to go above and beyond that and [get to work] putting in the shit that they want to see — give them all this extra shit that they probably don’t even know what they wanted or they wouldn’t even be expecting.”


Even the team brainstorming ideas on what should be in the game like motion controls which it also mentions from the article

“Not only are there going to be motion controls in the game, but he feels that using the motion controls — detaching the two controllers from the Switch — and using those kind of like those old school Wii controllers, he feels that’s going to be the purest or true way to play the game,” –Suda (said through his interpreter.)

Suda even wants to make some concessions to people who don’t want to flail their arms around the entire room and make some “really inappropriate hand movements” they say. As the next No More Heroes title for Suda is hoping to attract or gain more attention to people that are not fans of the game or even the protagonist “Travis Touchdown” If many didn’t play the other titles, as Suda makes its interpreter work on a quick explanation of what the game is all about as they state here on the quote:

“Put really simply, it’s a game where you’ve got kind of a Star Wars style lightsaber, and you take that lightsaber and you slice dudes in half. Pretty much anything comes in front of your eyeballs, you just kill the shit out of them as much as possible.”-Suda

Seems pretty cool!

We hope to see more of No More Heroes III whenever it releases on the Nintendo Switch that will be published by Grasshopper Manufacturing in 2020.

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