PQube, Arc System Works and Studio TRIGGER announced that a demo will be available on the european PlayStation Store from July 8th.

The demo includes :

  • The first chapter of Story Mode
  • Versus Mode with Ryuko Matoi, Satsuki Kiryuin, Ira Gamagoori and Uzu Sanageyama

「キルラキル ザ・ゲーム -異布-」キャラクター紹介動画 『針目 縫』 0-25 screenshot.png

The Grand Couturier Nui Harime and Honnouji Academy President Ragyo Kiryuin got showcase trailers.

Nui’s introduction:

Ragyo’s introduction:


KILL la KILL: IF releases July 26th on PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch in Europe, and Steam on July 25th.

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