Tennocon 2019 is officially a wrap! Hosted in lovely London, Ontario the annual Warframe convention had a lot of new information and gameplay on offer for attendees this weekend.

First up, and with the most amount of in game dev footage, were details on the new expansion, Empyrean. Teased in last year’s Tennocon Railjack announcement, considerably more refined and fleshed out gameplay was shown of this expansions biggest addition which includes fancy new spaceships, aesthetic upgrades, real time co-op connections to other players in the universe, and a new “nemesis” like system with persistent enemies that hound the player. The new space battles really are magnificent, but look extremely complicated. The Kingpin system, which so reminds me of the Middlearth games, has me the most intrigued out of the new additions.

As if one new expansion was not enough, a new open world for the game was announced, along with a shiny new trailer. The Duviri Paradox introduces what could be equine mounts, and an even darker tone. It reminded me of Dark Sector quite a bit with its colour scheme, and could be really interesting.

Many other little tweaks to the game were also mentioned, as well as a reveal of the new opening cinematic, in collaboration with Dan Trachtenberg, to be added to the game in late 2019 or early 2020.

The full stream, and select footage of the above mentioned additions, can be found at Warframes Youtube channel, PlayWarframe.

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