What appears to be the world’s worst kept secret at this point is the existence of the Nintendo’s Switch Mini. There has been all sorts of word of mouth and even some Switch Mini merch was potentially leaked.

Analyst from Tirias Research, Jim McGregor believes the Nintendo Switch Mini will have improved battery life which would be a godsend and surprisingly a 1080p display.

Here’s what McGregor said:

The new “mini” Nintendo Switch will take advantage of a two generations of die shrinks to its Nvidia Tegra processor to deliver 1080p mobile gaming to a broader audience. By joining the joycons to the main body of the Switch, Nintendo will squeeze out the expensive and sophisticated wireless joycons and create a mobile-first Switch platform. The die shrink of the Nvidia Tegra processor will provide better battery life and a meaningful upgrade to a 1080p display and graphics in mobile mode. The new mini Switch, and an upgraded standard Switch are poised to address a broader market and capitalize on their growing software and user base.

I’m assuming this is all conjecture and McGregor is theorising this analysis however, he could have inside information. The company he works for, Tirias Research consults companies throughout the electronics ecosystem and he may be more in the know than he’s letting on.

After skipping the announcement for E3 it’s still likely this will release this year. If it is this year I can’t see it missing the Pokemon Sword and Shield release. Pokemon is the perfect target for this because parents would likely be open to purchasing a new Switch for another child to take advantage of the two versions. I always thought the Switch Mini would be substantially cheaper and I find it hard to believe that if the display is 1080p. It’s a surprising addition considering the screen would likely be smaller. This may be due to a partnership with Google bringing Stadia to the Switch and a 1080p display would make life a lot easier.


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