Since AMD’s release of the Ryzen 3000 series processors, Destiny 2 PC players seem to be having trouble playing or even running the game. The CPUs came out Sunday, July 7th, with prices ranging from 249.99 to 499.99 USD.

The disgruntled players flooded forums with reports of the problem. According to some players, attempts to boot the game from Activision-Blizzard’s launcher will cause the game to hang indefinitely. When players suggested that the CPU was to blame, one user swapped back to their previous processor claiming to have fixed the issue.

So far, the CPUs haven’t seemed to cause this problem with any other games, so it’s likely a patch will come from Bungie soon enough so some players aren’t left out. Bungie has yet to issue a statement on this, but with news outlets along with many fans reaching out to them, it’s presumed that they will give a statement on their various support pages soon enough.

Players who haven’t sold their old CPUs just yet can still play until the issue is fixed. Unfortunately for those who have already gotten rid of them, they can’t chase the new Lumina Exotic Hand Cannon or participate in the new Moments of Triumph. Rough. But hang in there guys!

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