Mythical Games of Vancouver Canada has today confirmed the early access for its ambitious new project Neon Exile. It is a VR game that is also an open world MMO game, some images of the game can be seen below.

Here’s an official statement from Mythical Games:

Build, climb, explore and fight back against a robotic threat in an open-world persistent MMO created from the ground up for VR. This is the world of Neon Exile, a world where your actions matter because anything you build, craft or even drop, will persist in a single shared multiplayer instance of this groundbreaking dystopian world. 

Will you explore the wasteland in search of enemy bases or will you stay back to defend your base from attacks? Will you collect valuable resources or will you build structures to expand your territory? In Neon Exile you choose your own path, whether you want to join a team or play by yourself, the live simulation will always be there, shaped by the players.

Starting with a prototype release in Summer 2019 featuring the first playable region, Neon Exile will lean on the feedback of  the VR enthusiast community to guide the direction of the game to its full release in 2020.

The thing that impresses me is that this VR game is an open world game MMO. There have been others that have tried like OrbusVR, which is a VR game in a fantasy setting. I haven’t played a lot of VR games but what I have played is all short bursts like Batman Arkham VR, Job Simulator and The London Heist. That’s not to say that fully fledged games aren’t on VR or even work, I prefer Resident Evil 7 in VR and there are a plethora of other games like Skyrim and DOOM VFR.

You can sign up for Neon Exile early access here. Neon Exile is coming to Steam PC – HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, Oculus Rift S, Windows Mixed Reality and Valve Index when it releases, no word of a PSVR release just yet but if the game does well I don’t see why it woudn’t.

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