EVO 2019 is only a month away, and the organizers have shred some interesting information online.

Firstly, Tekken 7 has taken spot number 2 in the registration scoreboard for July, edging out the golden boy Street Fighter 5, which dropped down to 3rd. Even more exciting is that Samurai Shodown, the recent entry in the long running SNK series, has taken spot number 4 and Under Night in Birth has taken spot 6.

This is all pretty cool for the FGC and spices up the tournament considerably when SFV and MVC3 used to reign supreme. What I find most interesting is that the new Samurai Shodown, which doesn’t seem to be getting alot of press, is now the most entered SNK title ever.

I’ll always have a soft spot for King of Fighters XIII, but it’s great to see SNK rise to glory again with another title.

EVO 2019 takes place August 2-4th 2019, and is always entertaining.

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