Earlier today Nintendo unveiled their newest iteration of the Nintendo Switch with the Nintendo Switch Lite. Nintendo along with this announcement has also stated that the Switch Lite would not be a replacement for the Nintendo 3DS which seems strange but for those who don’t know or remember Nintendo has stated this in the past multiple times. When the Nintendo DS was set to come out they stated that it would not replace the still alive GameBoy Advance which seemed strange considering the original editions of the DS were able to play GameBoy Advance games with the second slot. Nintendo also stated that the NX (Codename for the Switch) would not replace the Wii U or 3DS which was proven untrue with the Wii U considering Breath of The Wild was a launch title for the Switch and was the last 1st party game for the Wii U. A probable reason for this statement was to reassure investors that the 3DS which as of March 31st has sold over 75 million consoles worldwide would not be seen as abandoned by Nintendo. We can assume that similar things were said for the GameBoy and Wii U when their successors were unveiled.

The Nintendo Switch Lite is set to release on September 20th for the retail price of $199.99 with a special Pokémon Sword and Shield edition to release on November 8th just in time for Black Friday and the overall holidays.

Source: The Verge

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