Earlier today Nintendo announced the Switch Lite but that doesn’t seem to be the only new Switch coming. According to filings with the FCC, the Switch is getting a new processor and new flash storage chips. Now the new chips could mean anything so we don’t know what difference it could bring.

Nintendo submitted a “Class II Permission Change” which is a request to tweak existing technology, without having to get it re-certified for sale in the US.nintendo_BKEHAC001_Letter_02_FCC_Class_II_Permissive_Change_Letter_4349995_2019_07_10_11_56_45.jpg

SoC, refers to the system-on-chip, which is the Nvidia Tegra. NAND Memory refers to the flash storage. Two major components of the system that if upgraded could lead to big changes.

With rumors of the Switch Pro circulating for a while now, and it’s also common for consoles to release upgraded versions a couple years after release. Some upgrades ranging from models with more storage, to the most recent console generation making pretty big changes with the Xbox One X and the PS4 Pro. Who know what will come of this new chip, only time will tell.

Source: The Verge

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