The Modern Warfare Multiplayer sneak preview event was today, pitting four streamers against each other in a new 2v2 game mode known as “Gun Fight”. However, word quickly begun to spread about the game’s built in motion blur. Rumors stated that the motion blur was completely baked into the game with no option to turn it off. However, various youtubers that had played the game back in May came out to clarify that they had the option to turn it off when they got their chance to play. This was further corroborated when MP Co-Design Director replied to a tweet of mine confirming that it can, in fact, be turned off.

Motion blur is a thing that really bothers a lot of people, me included, so it’s good to see that these rumors were false. We got a nice taste of the game today, but the full reveal event is happening on August 1st. For now we just have to wait until then.

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