In the Destiny 2: Shadowkeep reveal, guardians got a glimpse of a new system that would be introduced in the game come September, finishing blows. We didnt get much information until now through a Polygon interview with  general manager Mark Noseworthy and franchise director Luke Smith where they explain how they’re gonna work.

Bungie ViDoc - Out of the Shadows 6-47 screenshot

When enemies get below certain a health, an indicator will appear indicating it can be finished off. By getting close and sacrificing some Super energy, you’ll be able to do a finishing blow on an enemy (like Apex Legend’s Finishers or Halo’s Assassinations).

Different armor mods will enable finishers to grant different effects like grating ammo to your fireteam after a succesful finisher.

Bungie ViDoc - Out of the Shadows 6-35 screenshot

The animation you perform is equipped separately and its not tied to gameplay effects so you can have the flashy animation you like with your desired mods.

Finisher animations are obtained exactly like emotes do, through Eververse (cosmetic/microtransaction shop) or exclusive ones as reward from select activities.

At launch, you’ll only be able to equip one finisher, but the studio  is working hard on multi-equip for them. The studio eventually intends for players to have access to a finishing move randomizer. Smith described it as a “box of chocolates,” meaning players will never know the finishing move they’ll get when their Guardian executes a target.

Bungie ViDoc - Out of the Shadows 6-43 screenshot


It’s worth noting that this system is still in development. During the interview, Noseworthy and Smith joked about seeing changes to finishing moves that very day. When Bungie releases Shadowkeep on Sept. 17, finishing moves could be a bit different than described in this interview.

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