As of being mentioned back at E3 2019, one of the devs working on Luigi’s Mansion 3 “Kensuke Tanabe” mentioned that Gooigi would be edible. Tanabe has apparently stated that he could “Taste like Coffee”. Which, honestly doesn’t make any sense in a way, as for Gooigi being in Luigi’s Mansion on the Nintendo 3DS, as of him becoming a sentient for Professor E. Gadd even for him accidentally spilling his coffee on the energy, that was extracted from the ghosts. As, for him on how Gooigi end up coming on the 3DS , and why they teased it.

“I wanted to put Gooigi on the 3DS version with no explanation whatsoever, my hope was people would see him and be like: “What is this?” -Kensuke Tanabe

Although it won’t be the last time we likely ever will see Gooigi. Even with Kensuke Tanabe stating to the Verge about Gooigi.

“There, might be a Gooigi-only spin-off perhaps with all different colors. Gooigi Power Rangers.” -Kensuke Tanabe

For the final words by the developers regarding on what happens to Gooigi of when or how he’s being fully brought out, as Tanabe thinks Luigi may have likely passed out but one of the producers named Yoshihito Ikebata states:

“The essence of Luigi is sending Gooigi directions.” -Yoshihito Ikebata

Honestly, the whole nature of Gooigi in Luigi’s Mansion 3 fits so well that it can shift the tone of the series more closely to comedy, even with adding the spooky atmosphere of it taking place on a Haunted Hotel filled with many ghost for Luigi to capture, as many know he would likely cower in fear at likely almost everything.

According to Tanabe, this kind of Comedy in Luigi’s Mansion 3 or how they pulled out to slice in More he states with the teams solution on it

“We might think it’s fun, but then we put it in and people might get confused, so we kind of jam-packed the game with all kind of reactions with Luigi, and we hope that at least some of them hit the mark. Luigi really helps with that” -Kensuke Tanabe as he says on the lead.

Hopefully we get more news about Gooigi and more on Luigi’s Mansion 3 when it releases on the Nintendo Switch.


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