Mario Maker 2 was recently release to high praise, but it seems that they are clamping down on stages that are not violating their rules. Twitter user @GrandPOOBear who’s real name is David Hunt posted earlier today that one of the most played level in Mario Maker 2 which was called Kai-Zero G disappeared from his course list. He stated in his tweet that the course contained no foul language or inappropriate themes so he dug deeper into the case and filed an appeal with the big N. A little while later he received a email stating that it did have a violation and that this was Nintendo’s final decision, this wasn’t the first time Nintendo messed with this persons levels because when the original Mario Maker was still fresh and he was making levels for the game it seems that Nintendo deleted all of his levels. According to Hunt his levels have been deleted on a regular basis without warning and even when he has tried to contact Nintendo to restore his levels, it was met with little avail since even when they did come back the level in question was deleted a few days later. Hunt has stated that he feels that Nintendo is targeting him and that he doesn’t know if he’ll continue to create levels for the game.

“This is the email I received. There is no appeal process.”

“I honestly feel like s**t right now and kinda heartbroken. I love this game. I’m a good ambassador for it. Why does Nintendo continue to pick on me?”

Super Mario Maker 2 has been released for Nintendo Switch since June 28th with our review up right now.


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