Pokemon Go celebrated it’s 3rd anniversary recently with in game events but today the newest update for the game added not just Team Rocket but the mysterious Shadow Pokemon. Serebii has reported that the newest update to Pokemon Go has begun to roll out onto iOS devices, the text on the patch notes state the following.

Trainers we need your help! Team Go Rocket is invading the world of Pokemon Go!

Here’s what you can expect in this release.

New Challenges: Take on Team GO Rocket Grunts in battle!

Shadow Pokemon: Catch the mysterious Shadow Pokemon Team GO Rocket Grunts leave behind! Is there a way to help these Pokemon?

New Appraisal Tool: You can now learn even more about your Pokemon when appraising them.

Battle Minigames: Charged Attack gameplay includes new minigames.

From datamined screenshots it shows that the Pokemon in their shadow state are covered in a dark aura with their eyes red.

Pokemon GO is currently available to download on iOS and Android with the Shadow Pokemon update rolling out to all devices soon.


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