This is NOT a confirmation that a sequel in this franchise will be released. This is purely based off of speculation and my personal desires, and no announcement has been made.

WARNING: MINOR SPOILERS for all four Saints Row games ahead.

From a GTA Clone to a Genre of Its Own

With Deep Silver and Volition’s last official Saints Row title releasing in 2013 (DLC in 2015) and spin-off, Agents of Mayhem, releasing in 2017, the gaming world is in need for a main line sequel. What once was a Grand Theft Auto rip off, quickly became a part of a totally different genre. The titles shifted from realism to wacky and cartoonish violence and became something that not many other series are; dumb fun. The best way to describe the Saints Row series is by calling it a group of uber-violent open-world sandboxes that get more “sandbox-y” with each sequel’s release. If by some odd reason you’re reading this and thinking “What the hell is Saints Row?”, well . . . You’re a lowly street thug who eventually becomes the leader of a gang, the Third Street Saints. Who then become pop culture icons (musicians, actors, etc.), taking over TWO cities in the process. Who THEN become members of the United States government with you being elected PRESIDENT. PRESIDENT! With me so far? You’re then abducted by ALIENS who put you in a simulation that gives you SUPER POWERS. Seriously, you can’t make this stuff up. To top it all off, your once thought dead second-in-command, Johnny Gat, gets dragged into hell to put the hurt on Satan himself.

Whew . . . That’s a lot of information to take in at once.

So Why Should They Make Another?

Agents of Mayhem, which was released in 2017, was meant to be a new direction for the franchise. It took fan favorite characters from the main series and rebooted the world, loosely tying in with Saints Row: Gat Out of Hell. The idea was sound, different, and exciting; but the execution was far from what a Volition game should be. The game suffered from abysmal sales, mediocre reviews, and fans who felt disappointed that it wasn’t Saints Row 5. The missions were boring and repetitive, and the humor fell flat. Though, the playable characters were often the most redeeming quality present in the game. That doesn’t mean the game wasn’t fun, because it was at times. But, it wasn’t Saints Row. They went for a more cosplayer friendly cast of characters, which meant removing a creatable protagonist. Doing so, along with almost nothing in the game’s world being interactable, made the game itself less of a true sandbox.

The SR series blends hyper-violence, often inappropriate toilet humor, and insane movie, television, and video game tropes into a deranged four course meal caught in a hurricane. There’s a reason IGN’s very own Jeremy Azevedo went on what seemed to be a horse protein powdered rant about how Saints Row IV is the greatest sandbox game ever made. The vibe that the series gives off is an “I don’t care, I want to blow shit up” one, which is severely lacking in recent gaming years. Of course there’s the Just Cause series, which encapsulates the explosion fueled feel of the Saints Row games just fine, without the taboo humor. Those games are great! But the cartoonish, over the top madhouse that is Saints Row is unmatched. The last true release in the series was in 2013. It’s 2019. We should be playing a new game in the series.

All four games in the series are sitting on positive critical reception with a total sales figure of around 13 million (probably more). Saints Row: The Third was recently released for the Nintendo Switch, and like many other games, is a decent port. This, to me, seems to be sort of a testing of the market. I believe that the series is still very marketable in 2019 and onwards, and apparently so many others agree. Just do a quick YouTube search and you’ll find thousands of videos speculating what the next game could be.

Couple this with the fact that a Saints Row movie is in development with Fate of the Furious and Straight Outta Compton’s very own, F. Gary Gray, as director, and you’ve got certifiable proof that DS Volition is no where near done with the franchise.

Want Some Proof?

Creator of the Gentlemen of the Row mods for the second and third games, and now developer for DS Volition, Mike Watson (aka Idol Ninja), has a series of telling tweets all but confirming something is cooking in the DS Volition kitchen. Keep in mind that he does not mention a new Saints Row game directly in any of his tweets, but it’s almost like he is simply from context.

Read here:

Deep Silver has also made comments hinting on the series’ future:

Now, this isn’t definitive proof that a new Saints Row game is coming, but the hints are coming left and right from people involved with the series. Watson’s twitter is one to watch. He started off as a community creator for Saints Row 2, to then work on the series as a community developer is a testament to his love for the games. So when he’s getting excited about his work, we should also be excited.

I have no idea what the future holds for the series, or how they plan on continuing the same storyline after all that’s happened, but I’m happy to support the developers no matter the product.

(P.S. Please bring back the phenomenal voice cast, especially Kenn Michael (Male Boss #2), Daniel Dae Kim (Johnny Gat), and Arif Kinchen (Pierce Washington))

You can purchase the Saints Row Ultimate Franchise Pack from the Steam store or Humble Bundle for $49.99. Saints Row: The Third-The Full Package is now available for the Nintendo Switch and on sale for $27.99. Each game individually is less than $20 on their respective platforms, excluding the Nintendo Switch port of the third game.

What’s your ideal Saints Row sequel? Let us know!

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