Sony Interactive Entertainment has established a new branch in Southern Australia based on engineering. The Marshall Liberal Government invests $480K to the PlayStation division to assist their expansion into the country.

By building a culture of creativity and innovation, we are not only encouraging major companies to South Australia, we are giving young students who want to work in this field the ability to stay here in SA and not have to travel interstate for these types of exciting opportunities. To attract a household name like Sony Interactive Entertainment to South Australia is a fantastic win for our state and I thank the company for their investment. This investment brings a whole new skillset to the state but also complements the strengths we already have in digital media including visual effects (VFX), game development, and data centre/network infrastructure. South Australia is building a culture of creativity and innovation that is helping to inspire new enterprises and encourage leading creative companies like Sony Interactive Entertainment to invest in our state.

Acting Minister for Trade, Tourism and Investment Tim Whetstone

The move into Adelaide, Australia brings 32 new jobs and will further push the global presence of PlayStation and eventually could even push this branch into video game development.

Thank you to Reddit user u/SixDaysDown for pointing this out to us!

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