Update: It seems that the lawsuit will soon take place. Earlier today an email labeled “Nintendo Switch Joy-Con Class Action” was sent out with the following statement.

Thank you for reaching out to us. We have filed a lawsuit against Nintendo regarding the Joy-Con drift defect. The lawsuit covers all owners of Nintendo Switch consoles and extra Joy-Con controllers.

For now all that can be done is wait to see how Nintendo will respond to this lawsuit.

Original Article: It seems that Nintendo may once again be hit with a class action lawsuit, Nintendo who has done it’s best to make the Nintendo Switch a success have failed to fix an on going issue with their controllers. The consoles Joy-Cons which are the two detachable controllers that come bundled with the console have had a bumpy road of problems since the very beginning. The main problem with the controllers that has been plaguing the left joy con is drifting, it appears that ever since the consoles launch the analog stick for the left controller has been slightly malfunctioning where even if the analog stick is not moved around or pressed it would still register upper movement on the controller, meaning that if in a game like Breath Of The Wild the character Link would begin to slowly advance forward. Even though Nintendo has assured consumers it would fix the issue as well as channels on YouTube uploading videos showing how to fix the issue it was not enough to spare them from a lawsuit from Chimicles, a law office that has begun to investigate if a they would have enough problems and people to begin work on a class action lawsuit. Chimicles has opened up a page on their website where affected users can submit data to them explaining their problems with their joy-Cons as well has explaining when the issue began. It is unclear at this moment whether or not the lawsuit will go forward but one thing is for certain, Nintendo will probably make sure they won’t have this issue again in the coming future.

The Nintendo Switch has been available for purchase since 2017, with a handheld only version called the Nintendo Switch Lite coming in September of this year.


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