When Sony Interactive Entertainment officially unveiled Iron Man VR, the world was skeptical. The footage they’ve shown looked like an on-rails shooter and that it was quite depressing. Then previews came out, and people were amazing. We finally get a look at more of the gameplay via a new video on PlayStation’s YouTube channel.

The next major Marvel PlayStation exclusive got some new details thanks to this video:

  • The landscape is open, you can go anywhere and fight anyone.
  • You can go essentially from 0 to 200mph stupidly fast using Boost.
  • 2 PlayStation Move controllers are required, this way when you move your body with the Moves, you actually control Iron Man so it is more immersive than a teleporting system or an analog stick.

Camouflaj, SIE San Mateo Studio, and SIE Visual Arts are currently developing Iron Man, targeted for a 2019 release date.

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