The big mech vs monster event that has been leading up since almost the end of season 8 with a mysterious monster eye beneath Polar Peak has come to a thrilling conclusion. When Fortnite season 8 first launched it brought a whole lot of changes like adding new locations like Sunny Steps and the giant volcano alongside tons of new skins, but it’s what happened near the end of the season what sparked the interest of players. The Unvaulting, where players selected one item whether it was a weapon or vehicle that was taken out of the game to be brought back was when we first learned about the monster of Polar Peak. The volcano that was added during season 8 erupted and destroyed Tilted Towers and Retail Row but those two weren’t the only casualties because the base of Polar Peak was struck and a eyeball was discovered.

And there it laid watching anyone who got to close and making strange noises until one day the Peak along with the monster disappeared. A footprint that leads to the ocean meant that the monster finally escaped from the ice and stepped into the ocean, but with the monster circling every now and then something had to be done. When season 9 hit and the futuristic tech was introduced players began to see something big happening at the volcano’s power plant, a giant robot was being made to stop the threat. Today was when the monster finally rose from the depths of the ocean and began to wreak havoc on the island, luckily the robot was activated and began to fight the monster head on. After destroying the vault inside of loot lake and using a giant sword that was hidden beneath Neo Tilted’s statue the monster was finally defeated and the robot flew off into space

With this event now over and season 9 to come to a close in a few days the one thing that has people wondering about season 10 is the singularity inside of Loot Lake. After the robot used the vault from Loot Lake to incapacitate the monster it left behind a glowing purple orb that lifts players into to the air when approached, this has caused many to speculate what will this mean for the upcoming season 10, for now all we can do is wait until this season ends and the new one begins.

Fortnite is currently available on PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC with mobile ports for both Android and iOS out on their respective platforms.


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