Disney has been doing amazing recently with their movie branch, Avengers:Endgame just became the highest grossing movie of all time and their remake of The Lion King just released but with their video game division that’s a whole different story. Disney discontinued their their video game department which meant the end of games like Disney Infinity and have been licensing their properties to developers like EA for Star Wars and Marvel to a whole host of companies like Square Enix and Insomniac, however if the house of mouse is to follow the advice of an investor they might be rejoining the industry with a bang.

Nick Licouris from Gerber Kawasaki Inc has proposed that Disney should purchase Activision the gaming studio responsible for Call Of Duty and Skylanders. He states his reason as their growing esports presence and their ability to make games based on Disney properties, however even if Licouris says it should be done that doesn’t mean Disney will be buying Activision anytime soon. It seems that Disney doesn’t want to make games anymore and are more content with making other studios create titles for them like the successful Spider-Man from Insomniac that recently became the best sellling Superhero game of all time. But who knows with Activision’s stock going down after Bungie’s departure and many more factors leading to the decrease it could be possible that Disney might want to pick up the company on the cheap and add them to their list like they did with Marvel and Fox.


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