According to a video by Digital Foundry they were able to confirm both the resolution and frame rate for the upcoming Astral Chain. John Linneman who works for the gaming site Digital Foundry visited the Nintendo Of Europe offices and was given the chance to play Astral Chain before it’s August release, only able to show roughly 5 minutes of gameplay meaning that Linneman was more talking about his experience with the game which he described as Platinum Games combat with .a mixture of Deus Ex and Zelda. He also states that the large mechanical wrist band the protagonist wears is used to link together with a creature known as a Legion.

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Linneman also states that players are given missions in a large headquaters that can be explored. He also confirms that when the alternate dimension of the game it turns into a puzzle-like platformer where you use the Legion to help you traverse over large gaps by using the right analog stick to move the Legion around because the main character cannot jump. When fighting against the enemies of the game called Chimeras you need to rely on combo focused attacks to help dispose of the monsters as soon as possible. He also states the game as of now runs at a steady 30 frames per second and saying the game could be locked at 30 frames when the game releases, he also states the game when docked isn’t running at 1080p and it instead is running at a dynamic resolution which means it is probably running at 900p, he wasn’t able to play handheld mode due to the system being locked into the dock.

Astral Chain will release on August 30th as a Nintendo Switch exclusive be sure to watch for our review on the game sometime soon.

Sources:Digital Foundry

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