Polygon, the news mega site has posted an article relating to Bully eastereggs in the latest Grand Theft Auto V update. The slug for the article reads: “bully-sequel-announced-fall-2020-news-embargoed-do-not-publish”. This is either a gigantic troll, so someone did something they weren’t meant to do.

This slug insinuates that Bully 2, a much wanted sequel to the Rockstar Vancouver developer Bully released in 2006, is indeed on its way. Unfortunately the developer has since been shut down after the release of Max Payne 3 in 2012, so a sequel would have to be made from someone else.

If a sequel to Bully does indeed become announced and release by Fall 2020, you can definitely expect it to be a Cross-Generation title between PS4/PS5 and Xbox One/Project Scarlet.

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