Update: No Man’s Sky’s Beyond update has been rated by the ESRB, a release is virtually around the corner.

Original Story: Hello Games, the markers of No Man’s Sky, have had a fucking BRUTAL past few years since the launch of No Man’s Sky. Promising so much and then not delivering on most of what Sean Murray said would be present made both fans and critics alike have a very disappointing time and even caused trust to be lost in the British studio. Flash forward to 2019, and we have had insane improvements. From an Xbox One release to Multiplayer, base building, character customization, first or third person gameplay, and so much more since launch. The Guildford studio wants to make amends.

Starting pretty soon (as Hello Games said we will get a Summer launch and it’s practically August), we can expect the Beyond update to have multiple, and I mean multiple massive improvements.

No Man’s Sky: VR

What many wanted from the start of the big VR trend, No Man’s Sky VR is coming to PlayStation VR, Oculus Rift, and HTC Vive. The FREE VR edition to those who own the game on PS4 and PC, is reworked to fit into your favorite headset. And it’s not just a small mode here or there, it’s the FULL experience. Anything from the base game, the Next update, or the Beyond update can be used. The awesome part is both non-VR and VR gamers are together, making sure servers are well and alive.

Touching your multitool will allow it to switch to a terrain manipulator. Look out the window in the cockpit to see the vast open space, hell, even wave to others using your PlayStation Move controllers or your Oculus Touch controllers.

No Man’s Sky: Online

Another massive portion of the update is Online. Unfortunately, the British video game company declined to necessarily talk about what is so different between the online we have now and the online of the future, but they did say it would be a “radical” new multiplayer experience and that players could meet up anywhere they want.

This is only speculation, but it could be so hush hush thanks to something like Cross-Play, which they aren’t allowed to talk about right now. That’s realistically the only theory I have for Online not being detailed. With the release of VR platforms as well, Cross Play would let you play with everyone across PS4, PS VR, PC, macOS, Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, and potentially more.

1 More Thing

Hello Games mentioned 3 massive parts of Beyond. We only know 2 of them, so for now, we are going to leave it at that. There isn’t much we can necessarily talk about here. The only thing of possible note is possibly a Nintendo Switch release.

The Last Campfire, the next title from Hello Games, was announced at The Game Awards 2019. It is a game of a smaller stature, so hopefully they can keep up on promises for that indie. However, there is another large title from the 25 person studio and Sean Murray says the following about it; “We’ve got something else going on at the studio. It’s exciting, and it’s unfortunately going to be ambitious”. Alongside both of those, the company says they still plan updates for No Man’s Sky.

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