Get ready to return to camp Crystal Lake once more because Friday The 13th: The Game will be releasing on Nintendo Switch on August 13th which lands on a Tuesday.

The game which began life as a Kickstarter campaign in 2015 stated it was trying to create a brand new experience in the Friday The 13th universe, the previous game in the series was on the NES and made by the notorious LJN. When the campaign ended it bowed at a very successful $823,704 and then on May 26th and October 13th if 2017 the game released. The game is a 1v7 survival game where one person controls Jason as he stalks and kills his prey while the remaining players control one of the the many counselor. As a counselor their is three objectives either escape, survive or kill Jason.

In order to survive you must stay alive for at least 20 minutes which means a lot of hiding, running or walking from Jason. With escaping you must either drive off in a car that needs certain items, call the police and run to the exit they’re located at or fix a boat and drive off in the water (Only certain maps contain a boat). It may seem impossible to kill Jason considering if you take him head on he doesn’t die, but it is possible but takes more steps than the other ways.

If chosen to become Jason your objective is simple, kill all the counselors. With the powers of a supernatural killer it should be easy. With the power to teleport and ghost dash to the opposition killing the enemy is only a matter of how and where because depending on where you are Jason can preform special kills and change between Jason’s from different movies which means a different weapon as well as strengths and weaknesses.

Another feature the game has is customizable characters. Jason can be customized to have different kill scenes. But the counselors can have different clothes and like Jason have their strength and weaknesses.

This version of the game will be the Ultimate Slasher Edition meaning that it will come with the main game and it’s DLC which is clothes and s’mores as well as a poster.

Friday The 13th:The Game will be released on August 13th on Nintendo Switch, with the PS4, Xbox One and PC available now.


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