As of recently Atlus has just released an new trailer for Persona 5 Royal, featuring the leader of the Phantom Thieves, Morgana (Code Named: Mona)

As the trailer is Japanese there is an English Subtitle video of this here you can check below. Want to note that Morgana is voiced by Ikue Ōtani in the Japanese Version or Trailer, even with the trailer here this is what the description states..

“Every good team needs a mascot, and that job has been bestowed upon the anthropomorphic cat-like… thing known as Morgana. You’re probably thinking, “what are you talking about? That “thing” is obviously an adorable cat,” but we’ll have you know that Morgana (who absolutely hates being called a cat, by the way) is much more than that. This mysterious creature from another world is a professional thief and serves as a mentor figure to the disaffected youths in the Phantom Thieves. Most importantly, Morgana is the irreplaceable heart and soul of the team. Also, what other team in history has a mascot that can also TURN INTO A BUS?

(English Subtitle) Trailer:

Japanese Trailer:

Persona 5 Royal is expected to release on the PlayStation 4 in Japan on October 31st, 2019, and to the West in 2020.


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