Welcome to Rewind, a weekly series of articles on JackofAllControllers.com where we talk about and reminisce over our favorite games of yesteryear. This is a special one, and a game astronomically close to my heart. Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door for the GameCube.

I vividly remember the amount of time I would absolutely waste to make sure I identified everything with Goombella so that way I can read stats and shit like that. I think she was my favorite behind my mans Koops. Koops was a Koopa Troopa and he is essentially the coolest buddy you’ll ever meet in the Paper Mario franchise. He is actually useful to traverse around with and is the flyest of all the gang. I am not sure when this was but there is a little gameshow type deal in a forest that….. came as a surprise and was stupidly weird, but was creative for just a random section in the story.

Fuck man, I am just getting insane nostalgia thinking about this game. The Great Boggly Tree was a sight to behold. Just the entire section with the Punio was so strange and weird. They’re like rats, but have little lights on their head. Then adding the cloud-like person Flurrie to the mix just wrapped everything together. It gave the game a new element: things behind the paper that could be blown down.

I think my absolute favorite section is the Glitz Pit, it’s like a WWE ring where some of the baddest enemies duke it out for the top spot, which is lead by Rawk Hawk. Fighting the 19 waves was pretty cool, it brought in a side-story and an interesting environment to explore. The Pit of 100 Trials was another highlight, it was a…… difficult process, but gave you the ability to see so many new enemies and was a fun grinding experience. Collecting badges was ultimately the goal, plus I wanted to see the final enemy.

The overall reason I love this game was the feeling of friendship. Each character that joins your squad is usually so trusting very quickly and have great backstories. Collecting all the needed stars and getting supercharged powers thanks to them was a…. not a much needed addition, but a welcomed one. With all the badges and shit you really didn’t need anything more but your buddies become more powerful alongside you.

Nintendo has a great IP on their hands, and I really wish they’d remaster this for Nintendo Switch. Intelligent Systems, the original developer, is still around. So even they can make a remaster. 😉

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