It was already leaked yesterday that Capcom would be releasing new characters for Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition this weekend during EVO, but now we have more details right from the source!

Instead of the usual pack of 6 characters, Capcom is opting for 3 in their Summer 2019 Character Bundle. It will include E. Honda, Lucia, and (my fave new add) Poison. Each character will be available for $5.99 each, the equivalent 100,000 fight money each, or as in the aforementioned bundle for $11.99 with battle costumes and colours.

They have also provided alot more details on the capcom-unity site in regard to the characters, and you can see that below;

Wishing to educate the world on the long-term benefits of a relaxing soak in the tub, E. Honda is re-opening his popular bathhouse – Honda Sento. But as steadfast as his devotion is to all things hot and steamy, his number one passion will always be sumo wrestling. In this respect, Honda-san’s transition to SFV: AE is comprehensive. His Hundred Hand Slap still requires a precise pianoing of punch presses (this time, four rather than five) to let loose with the open palm assault. His Sumo Headbutt still hits like a speeding bullet train, while being susceptible to projectile pressure. And his Oicho Throw still makes him dangerous up-close. But far from a relic of the past, Honda’s formidable V-Skill and V-Triggers take his iconic fundamentals to the next level.

[V-Skill – Neko Damashi]

Honda’s V-Skill is a heavy-handed clap that negates single-hit projectiles. It can cancel into his special moves on block and hit. V-Skill into light Hundred Hand Slap, for instance, is a true block string and leaves Honda at frame advantage.

[V-Trigger 1 – Onigawara]

His V-Trigger unlocks a more potent version of the Sumo Headbutt, called Oni-Daikaku. It can combo from any normal attack, has one hit of armor on start-up and can cancel into a second headbutt called Oni-Muso. Oni-Daikaku can also be used to guard crush the opponent on a full charge.

[V-Trigger 2 – Tajikarao]

Honda’s V-Trigger 2 unlocks a running command grab with one hit of armor. The grab can hit raw or as part of a combo, with Honda slamming the opponent into the nearest corner, gaining frame advantage and removing the opponent’s ability to perform a back recovery. This makes it a particularly strong tool for oki.

Having received a tip off from Haggar about a possible plot to take out Mayor Cody, Officer Morgan hits the streets of Metro City in search of answers. Her Gun Smoke command run lets her close the distance quickly with one of four follow-ups – the Rough Chase shoulder barge, Tornado Spinner juggle kicks, Cyclone Spinner anti-air and the Braking dead halt. She also has access to the Dragon Punch-style Hurricane Spinner, the Fire Spinner spinning back kick and flaming projectiles with unconventional flightpaths courtesy of Flipper Shot. All these specials are unsafe on-block unless timed meaty or spaced correctly, but thanks to her strong V-Triggers and a cancellable low forward that hits from afar, she has many ways to combo into them.

[V-Skill – Tap-Kick]

Lucia’s V-Skill is a multi-hitting kick that can be cancelled from most of her normal attacks and leaves her at advantage on hit. You just need to be mindful that it’s very unsafe on block.

[V-Trigger 1 – Burning Fight]

Her V-Trigger 1 enhances all her kick-based special moves, and when combined with her EX command run, can lead to some flashy and highly damaging combos. It also causes her V-Skill to score a knockdown on the final hit, leading to more oki opportunities.

[V-Trigger 2 – Weapon Fury]

Lucia’s V-Trigger 2 equips her trusty baton and unlocks Tactical Weapon. This move can be cancelled from all her normal attacks, is safe on block and can combo into all her special moves. Suffice to say, it’s tailor made for frame traps and extending combos.

Feeling down in the dumps after parting ways with her former partner-in-crime, Poison returns to Metro City in search of a new headliner for the wrestling federation. She’s received a whip upgrade compared to the short-range slapper she sported in Ultra Street Fighter 4 – this time she’s wielding a looping lasher with lasso-like range. Gone are the rekkas and chargeable projectiles, which are replaced by a refreshing mix of far-reaching normals that are easily buffered into her high kicking and whip whirling specials. And we haven’t even detailed her V-Skill and V-Triggers yet!

[V-Skill – Perfume Swing]

Poison’s V-Skill is a swinging strike that can travel one of two distances. It can be cancelled from some of her normal attacks and allows for a follow-up strike. It can also travel over most projectiles if spaced correctly.

[V-Trigger 1 – Poison Cocktail]

Her V-Trigger 1 gives her access to Molotov cocktails. These can be thrown either straight up or ahead and cause steady chip damage by setting the ground on fire. They’re useful for setups and combo extensions.

[V-Trigger 2 – Poison Glamor]

Poison’s V-Trigger 2 unlocks two commands grabs – Toxic Hold and Toxic Bind. The former does more stun and damage, but has limited range. The latter can hit from over half a screen away, but has more start-up and recovery frames. Both can be used mid-combo.

Each character will be available as of August 4th, but those wanting the bundle will need to wait until August 5th.

Capcom also shared that the old school Honda Sento Bathhouse Stage will be available on the 4th for $3.99, or 70,000 monopoly bu-…. I mean, fight money.

SFV: AE will also be getting extra battle costumes for Cody, M.Bison for those interested, as well as a free trial of the game between August 1st to the 11th, and sales on both PSN and Steam. Its quite a bit of information, but I’m glad to see more love for SFV: AE at EVO!

Look for more coverage from us on EVO, including SF: AE, this weekend.

Source: Capcom-unity

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