Nightwolf was never my favorite Mortal Kombat character, but he honestly may be now.

This trailer does the character more justice than any of his previous appearances combined. Let’s rhyme off all the cool stuff from the video that I was able to pull out from first glance!

  • He enters the ring with a spirit wolf and spirit bear
  • He has the same green spectral tomahawks, but also brings with him knives, a club, and a bow
  • He uses the bear to absorb projectiles
  • He uses the wolf to give some sort of lightning buff
  • He pulls out a spectral hawk or eagle to do quick ranged damage
  • Best of all, he appears to be able to pull off a reflect move that also can trigger a teleport behind the enemy for some quick mix up action

I’m unsure which moves are ex moves, and which belong in which loadouts, but they all honestly look great. The fatality on display is also phenomenal.

Just another two weeks to try him out in early access on August 13th, but fans have waited this long!

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Source: youtube

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