This article will be updated as the news evolve, take everything noted here as speculation or human error until BUngie gives a official statement.

Hints of a possible delay for Destiny 2’s new expansion (currently scheduleed for September 17th) have surfaced since early today.

Firstly, the european Xbox Store labels the release date for it as “01/10/2018” which is where the rumor started.

Later, user u/SmartieStyle claims to have gotten an email from the european Bungie Store clarifying hwo this delay would affect the collector’s edition ship date. The email address which (supposedly) he got it from matches the official EU Bungie Store email used for support.

Just received an email from the european bungie store informing me that today bungie announced Shadowkeep is delayed 2 weeks from DestinyTheGame


This is all just a rumor, but it matches the date since Bungie does weekly updates every Thursday so it would make sense if the announcement was supposed to be given through that medium.

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