During the live stream for Persona 5 Royal, Atlus released a new Morgana’s Report. You can watch it below but it is in Japanese.

During the report we learned more about the new character José, who helps you in mementos. He can create items for you and change the cognition in Mementos.


During the live stream it was confirmed that the “Share” function on the PS4 will not be as limited as it was in the original. In the original game it was restricted to the beginning but now it has been extended to mid-December. Not perfect but still better than before. We also got information on some changes to Ryuji’s instant kill ability. In the original he had an ability that would kill weak enemies the moment you touched then, but now you can only do it while dashing. We also got word of a new palace being added to the game but we only got a screenshot.


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