With EVO currently underway there’s many who are competing to become the champion of their respected game. A rumor has popped up that the next fighter in the fighters pass for Super Smash Bros Ultimate could be announced real soon. According to NintendoSoup the website for Ultimate recently removed the new tag from their fighters page which usually occurred before a new character was revealed during the lead up to the game.

With Nintendo’s big fighting game being the final game at EVO it would fit for them to announce whoever is joining next there, another possibility is that once the annual September direct comes around the 4th fighter will be confirmed there. This is all speculation at the moment and with nothing confirmed that’s what it will look like once EVO ends. With the final character in the fighters pass releasing before the end of February 2020 it’s highly likely that the remaining 2 fighters will be confirmed before the end of the year. Be sure to stick around as we cover the news coming out of EVO.

Super Smash Bros Ultimate is available exclusively on the Nintendo Switch.


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