Samurai Shodown released this year and has been embraced by the FGC. Its the first title for the series in over a decade, and has made a very interesting EVO.

First, champ of champs, Justin Wong decided to focus on Samurai Shodown due to his initial success at EVO with the game, and leave Street Fighter 5 by the wayside.

I am fan of Justin Wong, and really wanted to see his Chun Li at EVO this year, but was excited for him to maybe grab the Samurai Shodown title and maybe drive some more sales for the game. It didn’t work out in his favor, but 3rd is still respectable. Here are the final 8;

Top 8

  2. Kazunoko
  3. JWong
  4. Reynald
  5. CaliPower
  6. RB
  7. Didimokof
  8. ZJZ

Infiltration took the top spot, and this really was a gorgeous game to watch.

Here is the final match, courtesy of IGN;

There are a few videos of the full final 8 of the tournament, but they are lengthy. Here is one from Youtube user GrowTube TV clocking in at over 2 hours;

Hopefully we will continue to see more Samurai Shodown at EVO 2020. I think it is likely, seeing as how much the community seems to adore this game.

It sure is purty!

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