You read that right, upsetting the many skilled Japanese opponents, Shinku_DZ has done it! Here are the final rankings;

I won’t say much here, and let the footage speak for itself, but man was this a great top 8! I have been saying that a lot, but this EVO has really brought out the best of the best. This game is bonkers, and can provide both very fast compete 3-0 dominance, or extended matches for the ages.

Take a look at the full footage of the EVO 2019 top 8 for Blazblue Cross Tag Battle below from Rikukey2 on Youtube. Fast forward to the 1 hr 38 min mark for the full Kyamei vs. Shinku match!

A friendly reminder that this game is currently on sale on multiple platforms, with options to include all current dlc at a deep discount as well. Can’t wait for those new fates!

Source: Twitter

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