Anthem looks to FINALLY be delivering the next major update to Anthem with the long promised Cataclysm! Patch notes are included in the link below;

Of note the update includes, but is not limited to, the following:

  • New story missions
  • Cataclysm updates including inversion gameplay modifiers, leaderboards, seasonal currency, and a seasonal store
  • Inversions will be active each week and will impact gameplay. Think of Destiny modifiers, but it looks like they may be far reaching?
  • Luck has been removed from armor and replaced with bonus armor
  • 3 new classes of weapons
  • Changes to difficulty overall
  • New masterwork gear
  • New support items
  • New melee gear pieces that will impact stats and gameplay
  • A host of bug fixes and improvements

I have only skimmed through the list, but plan on heading back in over the next few days to try out the updates. I’ll let everyone know how the Cataclysm feels!

The update is live and has the following size requirements.

PC: 15.76 GB

XB: 12.15 GB

PS4: 11.85- 12.403 GB (regional variance)

Also, I still love Anthem, and hopefully this will out the game back in some people’s radars. I know it was a long wait, but the game really is quite good. Just needed content.

Don’t @ me!

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