Street Fighter V has had it rough over the past few years. It started with a rough launch and barebones content, it would take years before the game would end up redeeming itself with modes that makes the game what it really should have been. It had been months since Kage was released as part of the game’s fourth season. People wondered if Capcom had any plans and they did… until a Valve leak changed everything. Capcom didn’t waste time and announced that Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition would bring three new characters. Let’s wonder if they are worth players’ time.


First is Poison, making her third appearance as a playable character. She started off as one of many mooks that were part of the Mad Gear gang. Eventually she would reappear in Hugo’s intro in Street Fighter III 2nd Impact & 3rd Strike. She wouldn’t get the chance to prove herself until Street Fighter X Tekken alongside Hugo. Capcom eventually would bring Poison into Ultra Street Fighter IV and they would do it again in Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition.

Poison plays similarly to her previous iterations but with a few noticeable differences. Instead of a crowbar, she now packs a whip. The whip is pretty much her go-to use in terms of offense. It has great range, can deal damage and is useful in a variety of moves and attacks. Her Avant Lane is a whip attack where the heavier the punch, the more hits given with the EX version delivering a lot more hits. Her Heart Raid can cover distance plus you can either delay the attack or cancel with a kick attack. The Heart Raid cancel can be useful in extending combos. Shocking Heel lets her kick the opponent upwards. If striking an airborne foe, it can be used to follow up with another attack. Love Me Tender is her traditional spin jump kick. It strikes ducking foes and her EX version can have them hit the floor. Her Perfume Swing V-Skill is pretty much the Web Swing where she swings at a foe and she can follow with any aerial kick attack.

She also has access to two different V-Triggers. Her first, Poison Cocktail gives her the Fire Squall that lets her lob molotovs at her foes. If they hit, they deal burn damage that lasts for a good few seconds. Plus they can hit the ground and if the opponent touches it, their health drops by a bit. It has mix up potential and can be used as a means of adding distractions, forcing the opponent to plan carefully. Her Critical Art, the Love Hurricane starts with a whip attack. If it connects, it leads to a multi hit combo that ends with Poison giving the opponent the boot. The only drawback is that if its blocked, she’s exposed. Players should make good on their offense to make it connect.

From my experience, Poison is a really different character. Her whip can be used as a means of keep away but if players know a way around it, she can be at a disadvantage. Some of her moves require a lot of careful timing. Her trials are a perfect example seeing that it takes many of her moves and incorporating them to deliver strong combos. So the best advice for players is to be a bit balanced in terms of her offensive abilities. Poison can deliver a lot of pain but when she can’t against a better character, she’ll be in trouble.

E. Honda

Edmond Honda needs no introduction. He has been around since Street Fighter II: The World Warrior in 1991 as one of the original eight characters that would make an impact. He would make a few more appearances throughout the series ranging from Street Fighter Alpha 3 to crossovers such as Capcom vs. SNK to even Super Street Fighter IV. Now he finally makes his return in Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition. He brings with it his style of sumo onto the battlefield once more.

E. Honda is pretty straightforward. Many of his familiar moves make a return such as the Hundred Hand Slap, Sumo Headbutt, Sumo Smash and Oicho Throw. One difference is that you can’t keep pressing repeatedly for a continuous Hundred Hand Slap. There’s a set limit. He also has access to a few unique moves that can give him a needed reach. Interestingly enough, he has a few new tricks up his sleeve. The Neko Damashi V-Skill is useful in a variety of ways. It can be canceled into any of his special moves and can outright cancel projectiles. It’s nuts. Plus it can hit airborne foes to boot.

His V-Triggers give him a little variety. Onigawara is his first V-Trigger. He gets access to Oni-daikaku and Oni-Muso, special moves that are enhanced Sumo Headbutts. Oni-daikaku can be charged and if at full charge is an unblockable attack. Oni-Muso is a two-hit headbutt attack and useful in terms of damage. The second V-Trigger, Tajikarao gives him the Iwato Biraki, a grab move that sends the opponent to the wall for added damage. This is mostly useful as a ender to combos. His Critical Art, Kamigashima starts with a headbutt but when it connects delivers a lot of pain to your opponent.

E. Honda is just as I remember but with the added V-Triggers and unique moves he has at his disposal, he can be a force to be reckoned with. Not only that but many of his moves can put him in an advantageous position. It’s a bummer he can’t use the Hundred Hand Slap repeatedly but for what it’s worth, he can deal the pain when needed to be.


Lucia Morgan is a unique character, having made her first and only appearance in the SNES game, Final Fight 3. In that game, Metro City is under attack by the Skull Cross gang. To combat this new threat, Haggar along with Guy team up with two new characters: Lucia, a detective in the Metro City Police Department and Dean, a vigilante who fights to avenge his family. After the events of Final Fight 3, she hasn’t been seen since… until now. Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition makes her return and she’s ready to take the fight to them.

Lucia isn’t what I expected in a character such as her. She shares a few similarities to Guy and Viper in terms of her moves. She does have access to her Final Fight 3 combos but she also has access to a few new tricks. Her Gun Smoke lets her charge forward but depending on what you do next can change how she attacks. She can go into either her Rough Chase for an elbow strike, her Tornado Spinner kick attack or the Cyclone Spinner. It can also be canceled outright to fake opponents. Her Firecracker lets her do a set up to her Flipper Shot. The Flipper Shot is interesting because depending on the button pressed can send a projectile in one of three different directions: overhead, straight or diagonal down. This adds some mix-up opportunities where you can bait your opponent for an opening. Her Fire Spinner is similar to Crimson Viper’s Burning Kick except it only deals one hit, unless it’s an EX where it deals two. She also has the Hurricane Spinner, similar to Guy’s Hurricane Kick and can be extended via EX. She specializes in kicks more than anything and it shows.

It also holds true with her other skills. The V-Skill Tap-Kick is a nod to her Final Fight 3 attacks, a 3-hit move that follows with an elbow strike. Her Burning Fight V-Trigger, adds flame to her feet. In turn, many of her moves’ properties change as a result. It’s one of the more beneficial V-Triggers since it turns her into a more dangerous force. The Tactical Weapon V-Trigger gives her access to a nightstick and that’s all there is. Her nightstick is better used as a combo ender but other than that, there isn’t much else. Hard Hit Knee, her Critical Art starts with a 3-hit combo but if it connects it leads to a cinematic where Lucia deals major damage in the form of a multi-hit Tornado Spinner that finishes with an exploision.

Lucia’s a character I never thought we’d see in a Street Fighter game. She is really fun to use but the problem is some of her moves leave her open for the opponent to attack. Regardless she can be really fun if she’s used properly. From my experience, she really is and I can’t say it enough how much fun she is. It’s a fact.

Final Thoughts

Poison, Honda and Lucia are welcome additions to Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition. My only problem is that I wish the announcement wasn’t leaked. Valve has since apologized for the leak but the damage is already done. Had it been announced at EVO, it would really get people excited to play Street Fighter V again. Capcom has their work cut out for them and I feel that they are on the right track. They still have a way to go if they hope to get more people into this game. Poison is different now with her whip but she can be interesting. E. Honda is obvious. He hasn’t changed but he has a few new tricks that can help him. As for Lucia, she’s an unexpected surprise and a welcome addition to this game. Are they worth a chance to try out? Absolutely.

Poison, E. Honda and Lucia are available now and can be purchased either with Fight Money (100,000) or $5.99 each, complete with the battle costume and colors 3-10. They can also be purchasable via a Character Bundle for $14.99.

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