Pokémon recently released a trailer for the upcoming Sword and Shield where a whole batch of information was revealed. Revealed in the Japanese trailer was Pokéjobs, quests where your Pokémon in the PC will go out and earn exp and items based on the type of Pokémon you send out.

Marine and Bede are confirmed to be two new rivals for the player in Sword and Shield. It’s currently unknown what their motive is but it seems like Marine will be having some backup.

The evil team for Sword and Shield is Team Yell, fanatics of Marine. They seem to be trying to stop you from getting in the way of Marine.

Another aspect of the game that was revealed is new Pokémon. Galarian forms which are the exact same thing as Alolan forms are coming to the game. This means new looks and possibly types for old Pokémon, Weezing was revealed to be a poison/fairy type with a look inspired by smokestacks.

Zigzagoon and it’s evolution Linoone have a dark/normal variation that’s based on European Badgers.

Surprisingly this isn’t were the evolution line for them ends with an exclusive evolution for Galarian Linoone called Obstagoon.

Another Pokémon shown off in the trailer is the form changing Morpheko which changes from a happy full belly mode to a hangry mode based on using a new move called Aura Wheel.

With the game set to release in November we’re still a long time from setting foot in the Galar region, until then all we can do is wait until the next batch of info drops.

Pokémon Sword and Shield will release on November 15th exclusively on the Nintendo Switch.


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