I didn’t think I would ever get the chance to say this, Indivisible has a release date, and it is in 2019.

This game has been in development for what feels like a million years, but is actually since 2015, by 505 Games and Lab Zero Games. You may remember them from the fantastic fighting game Skullgirls, and maybe from the omnipresent demo of Indivisible that has been up on PSN since shortly after the game was announced.

Well, now we have not only a release date, but also screenshots, a new trailer and a forthcoming demo!

The trailer shows off the beautiful hand drawn animations, and teases that 20 characters will be playable, as well as revealing the October 8, 2019 release date for PS4, Xbox One,and Steam in North America. The Nintendo Switch release date is coming soon, and the European release date for the already announced platforms is October 11, 2019.

There will also be a new demo available to play at Gamescom 2019, featuring a new level, Tai Leung City.

If that isn’t enough, here are some screenshots to wet your appetite.

I’m looking forward to seeing what has improved over the past few years since the Indivisible Prototype demo. I doubt we will be disappointed.

Update: pre-orders are coming soon for consoles, and Steam pre-orders are up!

Source: Gematsu

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