After viewing all of the character trailers for Borderlands 3, and poking around very briefly in the interactive skill tree on, I have decided on my first character. We’ll see how the others pan out, but he may be my only character as well.

It’s not the beard, cool as it is, the road warrior get up, or the killer accent that gets me. Though, I do have to say, they are all factors. What gets me are just gut feelings based on prior experience, and some pretty unimpressive trailers from other characters.

I mean, Amara was going to be my number one until this stupid trailer. Just meh on every level for me.

I mean, the multi-armed Siren angle is cool and all, but they did nothing to give her any real character or truly show off the need for the 6 arms.

Same with Moze.

Sure, the trailer is actually pretty neat, but there is no clear idea of how the mech will be utilised in combat. I’m fine if we play from the cockpit only, and I get that these are early trailers so we won’t get everything on a platter, but there just isn’t enough there to pull me in. Just a gut feeling I suppose.

Then there is FL4K

FL4K is right up my alley. His design is fantastic, and I love the idea of potentially using the wildlife of Pandora, and other planets, against my enemies. Robot characters are always intriguing for me too. I’m just not a sniper kind of player though. I know you can choose different weapons, so don’t shout at me just yet, but his design seems geared toward keeping distance and moving slower.

But Zane, wonderful Zane!

He has his own Nega-buddy!

His whole presentation speaks to me. He is a retired corporate hitman who seems down and out and possibly crazy. He talks to his digital clone like he is his best buddy, and you can coordinate attacks with him as well. Yes, he has a shield ability, BUT that does not mean he will only be a cover character. There are other tree’s to choose skills from, and there could be potential to use the digi-clone place swap skill and the shield in interesting setups. Again, I only glanced at the skill trees, I do want to build on the fly and see what works anyway.

Beyond this, my favourite character from the original 4 in Borderlands 2 (because the Psych obviously wins over all, so he is not included) is Axton.

That turret was everything!

Until the Psycho, he was my go to in the game for just pure balls out wrecking fools with the turret while running around cleaning up the remnants without a care in the world. I think I like the Commando/Soldier type characters in these games for that reason, and Zane will most likely fit that mold.

Until the next Psycho type character cones out (here’s hoping!) Because there is nothing quite like a ride through a park on a meat bicycle!

What are your choices for your first playthrough? Who speaks to you? Who do you think will be the most fun?

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