Sony Interactive Entertainment has announced a slew of new content coming to Firewall: Zero Hour with the update Dark Web!

The update gives you access to new maps News Room and Cargo.

Operation: Dark Web will have two new maps, free for all players, the first of which kicks off tomorrow — with the Newsroom map! This map marks the thirteenth map added to Firewall Zero Hour, and is the first map to take place in Australia. Be on the lookout for playful nods throughout the map to home sweet ‘Straya. You never know what you might find, but rest assured that this news station is very Australian. The Newsroom will also greet players as the new Main Menu and Lobby environment for this season, when players load up the game. Later on in this season, players will see Operation: Dark Web’s mid-season update, which will introduce another brand new free map, called Cargo.

PlayStation blog

There is also 2 new contractors, new weapons, and cosmetics as well.

Bend Studio and First Contact Entertainment also partnered for Days Gone trinket!

Firewall: Zero Hour – Operation: Dark Web launches on August 12th as a free update to whomever owned the game. There is a 3rd massive update planned for the game after Dark Web confirms First Contact Entertainment.

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